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    Customers Reviews :

    Edward Spencer - 25/05/2020
    Ive had a hard time helping my cat with her GI problem. She wasnt eating normally, vomitting and would seem upset all the time. After I gave her this tincture she drastically had a better appetite and started getting back to her normal self. Thank you Holistapet!!
    Dr. Meaghan Huels V - 21/09/2020
    I have a really tiny chihuahua and he shakes a lot naturally. after giving him these treats for like two weeks he seems a lot less nervous and more inviting to people.
    Jadyn Morar Sr. - 17/07/2020
    Looks like my dog Lola is getting less nervous when the grandkids come over. Not sure how many to feed her though :/
    Lavon Rempel - 06/07/2020
    Love the tincture for my two dogs! My pitbull has a leg injury from before we adopted her, and I can see she benefits from some pain relief from this cbd oil! My other dog tends to be anxious so this helps him too!
    Betsy Pfannerstill - 18/11/2020
    Got this for our Cocker Spaniel’s anxiety. We got the 600mg bottle and started at the recommended dose for her, and ended up having to increase it quite a bit and as a result went through the bottle pretty fast. I think it helps… but I can’t say definitively. I’m going to order another bottle and see if it will continue to get better. I do think it’s good for her health regardless, and she does seem to really enjoy the taste!
    Aidan Pollich - 18/02/2021
    My dogs love the treats when they need a little extra for increased stressors or anxiety!
    Francesco Halvorson - 06/10/2020
    Wanted to update my review . Ruppy had just started taking it and at that time all I knew was he liked the taste and that was a great thing. For the past 2 years his intestine has been full of trapped gas that wouldn’t go away. This was causing him to have some form of attacks. We had tried many different options and none seem to work. We had seen 5 different vets so 3-16-19 I decided to give CBD oil a try. We had a follow up appointment in May to do ex rays and when the vet came in she wanted to know what I had done because all he had in the intestine was 2 small spots and not once in those 2 years had we had that good of a checkup. I explained that was had started him on the oil. I became a firm believer that day this is what has helped our baby finally. Just wished I would have tried it sooner!!!
    Pat Cremin - 28/06/2020
    Long story short, my small 9 yr old chihuahua mix had stomach issues on and off for about a month. After multiple vet visits, bland diets, food switches, and a month on metronidazole she was put on the Hills prescription z/d diet. Her stools got better, but after about two weeks starting having excess mucous and or being watery again. At this time she was on a very strict diet only eating from the z/d line. We’d given her cbd oil for anxiety before and decided to give it to her twice a day to try to help her stomach issues and it worked. By the second day her stools looked better than they had in almost 2 months and it’s continued this way for 6 weeks. I’ve never noticed any weird side effects. She’s her same playful self and very active. I’ve recommended this to friends and family.
    Mr. Davonte Bechtelar - 04/09/2020
    I began giving my cat (13 years old, 15 pounds) four drops of the 300 mg CBD, twice a day about two months ago. He was limping, and the vet diagnose arthritis. The prescription medicine was a nightmare to get in him, and caused a great deal of stress to administer. Actually, it was almost always a failed attempt. If the cat won’t take the medicine, it can’t work. He refused food, both soft and hard with the oil on it. He wouldn’t eat chicken flavored treats with the oil on it. The magic answer was to put the drops on catnip treats! I’m sure the “green” taste made sense to him on a catnip treat. He stopped limping after about a week, and he’s getting onto the bed and couch with ease again! I really recommend trying CBD oil for any pet with arthritis. The dropper bottle does leak, so keep it on a protected surface.
    Dr. Roberta Hermann II - 11/12/2020
    So far, this has helped manage my cats pain immensely. She has an autoimmune disease that can cause ongoing gum inflammation, a common issue for her condition, which made it painful for her to eat. While antibiotics are an option (and were prescribed), they had other adverse effects and do not really make sense as a long-term option given her health status. Seeing her hungry but stressed out about eating at mealtimes was hard. CBD was presented as an option and I am very pleased that after two weeks of using this product, she is back to eating happily, as cats should. The inflammation in her gums has come down, and she can now actually enjoy her meals – and treats! I’ve also noticed her coat has improved – likely a benefit of good nutrition but also a pleasant side effect due to the CBD 🙂
    Carlotta Dibbert DDS - 22/12/2020
    My cat suffers from Feline hyperesthesia syndrome (FHS) or “twitchy kitty syndrome” which I believe is triggered by anxiety. She tore her face apart scratching to the point where she had open sores. She’s been receiving the CBD oil for a month now and I see great improvement! Good for cats with anxiety issues! She also has IBS but I haven’t seen much change there, unfortunately. But the twitchy thing was the main concern!
    Rodolfo Oberbrunner - 17/05/2020
    My dog is a 14 year old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd. She has been having more trouble getting around and this have helped her a lot. She also loves them and she is very picky.
    Kathryn Kuhn - 10/07/2020
    Note on the dosing: I had trouble getting the dosing correct in the beginning, since I was squirting it into her mouth, and she was very uncooperative. There were a few times where she got too much, and I noticed she was overly tired. (It can be hard to tell when a cat is overly sedated, since they sleep so much, but her eyes were at half mast.) I fixed this issue by squirting the drops onto her paws, and she immediately licks the drops off, as most cats will do. Zoe weighs about 11 lbs, and I give her 6 drops of the 150 mg CBD oil twice a day (3 drops on each paw), and this seems to be the perfect dose for her. Each animal is different, so you may have to experiment a bit to find the best dose for your pet.
    Micheal Ratke - 13/06/2020
    Amazing product my cats loves this oil. I just mix it in with their food and they eat all of it
    Fidel Mante - 07/11/2020
    Happy dog, happy dad! I don’t want to ever let my dog’s old age get to me or him. I have been buying this formula for 3 months now and finally I can truly say that I have seen a big difference in my dog’s activeness and mobility. He can run and doesn’t drag his legs as much as he used to. Thank you guys for making an amazing product!
    Mr. Bennie Prosacco DVM - 05/12/2020
    Works great , our 70lb pit bull has trouble getting up she’s 7 yrs, but after taking a few drops she hardly has any issues and doesn’t seem sore
    Annette Rutherford - 21/08/2020
    These treats have completely saved my 12yo chihuahua. His arthritis was getting so bad he could barely get up and sometimes couldn’t eat, some days he was in so much pain he’d crawl under a shelf in our closet and hide for hours. The vet suggested putting him on painkillers, something I really didn’t want to do. I’ve used CBD oil in the past for PMS symptoms and decided to try and find some for him, I’m SO glad I found Holistapet! Within just a couple days of using these treats he completely returned to normal, just as feisty and frisky as he ever was. His appetite’s returned, he’s cuddling again, he’s even back to chasing and playing with his sister. Thank you SO MUCH for giving me back my dog!!
    Josephine Torphy - 21/05/2020
    I bought two bottles of the 200mg cbd for my small and medium sized husky’s to start off getting their bodies use to taking cbd. My 3 yr old medium husky has had a few seizures in the last year and I’ve done a lot of research, and having her on human medication long term scares me & I’ve been looking for an alternative. My little husky has a slight back end disability and is a little anxious about her back legs. Not only have I noticed a positive difference in both of them they love it! they get so excited when they see the bottle in the am / pm (Their brothers and sisters love it too) I am 100% buying more, and am so grateful to have access to something like this for them! Thankyou resolve 🐶💕 – the Husky’s
    Damon Bailey - 20/09/2020
    My 13 year old cat was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). She would have a bloody stool several times a week. Started her on CBD Oil and after a month or so have not noticed a bloody stool.
    Muriel Hodkiewicz - 09/12/2020
    I can’t say it is a miracle treatment, but if there is a chance it makes her feel better, it is worth staying with for the duration. There comes a time in your pet’s life when doing invasive medical treatments may prolong their life, but for whose benefit – yours to keep them around, or for their comfort and quality of life? We’ll stick with your CBD oil (for ease of administering, we open a hole on top of a nilla-vanilla type cookie, and the drops absorb right in).